6 month term deposits

6 month term deposits are popular with investors that are:

  • Seeking a short term solution to earn interest on their capital
  • In-between properties
  • Testing the waters to see if a term deposit is right for them

Best 6 month term deposit rates

6 month term deposit comparison

When choosing the best 6 month term deposit rate it is important to do a comparison of like-for-like offers. Here are some helpful tips to consider when comparing term deposits:

Term length

First, you should decide what term you are prepared to lock away your money for. This is typically a 1 month up to a 10 year period depending on what the bank offers.

Interest rate

Next, compare term deposits that offer the same term length. A higher interest rate means you are likely to earn a higher income from the term deposit.


Check to see what happens if you need your money out early. Early withdrawal penalties often apply either in the form of fees or a loss of interest. Check the terms and conditions to ensure you are comfortable with any early exit clauses prior to selecting your term deposit

Interest payment frequency

Many term deposits offer a variety of interest payment options. This includes monthly, quarterly, annually or compounded and paid at maturity or at predefined intervals. This is important if you are wanting to receive a regular income of your capital.

*Rates are updated approximately monthly and are subject to change

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